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GingerSnap Photo Camper Voted Best Photo Booth by Brides of Houston’s Bridal Extravaganza

Hello Friends, we are pleased to introduce you to Ginger and Sugar – our unique photo campers.

Ginger Photo Camper

Ginger is a 1967 Serro Scotty Highlander. She was purchased with hail damage, leaking walls, wood rot and just begging for a renovation. It took months of hard work, sleepless nights, a whole lot of Google and many trips to Home Depot to get her ready for her debut. In May of 2016, the dream of providing a vintage camper photo booth experience for all of Houston and surrounding areas finally came together for our first event…a beautiful wedding with a touch of downpour. We took this as a sign of good luck, as so I have been told, rain is good luck on a wedding!

Sugar Photo Camper

Sugar is our newest addition. She is built to specs similar of the Scotty Highlander. Just like Ginger, Sugar was full of challenges, blood, sweat and tears – literally blood, Texas summer sweat and tears, tears mostly from me, I mainly from me, but Patrick may have shed a few in private as well. We were blessed to launch Sugar in October of 2017 in a stunning farmhouse wedding in Hempstead, TX.

Vintage Photo Campers

Both our photo campers are stunningly designed with beautiful creamy white elements, shiplap interior walls and gorgeous cedar through. Check out the details of our signature door, it is truly one of my favorite features. Our equipment is top of the line providing high-quality photo booth prints.

Photo Camper Features

– White shiplap interior, great for reflecting light
– White shiplap interior, great for reflecting light
– Cedar trim, beautiful and organic
– Touch screen monitor with Live Preview
– DSLR camera and lens, professional quality resolution
– Professional printer offering quick and high quality prints
– Unlimited 2×6 photo prints for your guests to enjoy
– Variety of backdrops to choose from
– Stunning in both indoor and outdoor settings
– Dimensions: 15′ in length, 6′ 4″ in width and 7′ 2″ in height
– An electrical outlet is needed to power the booth


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