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Yeehaw!! Happy Holidays

Posted by Jamie O'gorman

Blog Kiewit Holiday Party 2017

The three amigos!  I am totally digging these three fellas and their western gear.  There is something about a man in a hat, right ladies!!!

We love personalizing events, listening to your vision and making your event – YOURS!  We would love to be a part of your next celebration!

Beautiful Fall

Posted by Jamie O'gorman


Hello Fall, we LOVE you!

How Many Can We Fit???

Posted by Jamie O'gorman


We get the question, “how many people can fit in a photo?”  Well we are game for you pushing the limits…looks like about 9-10 in this photo, what do you think?


Posted by Jamie O'gorman


All the #hearteyes for this blue and white camper…Patrick was so calm and looked the camper over from a mechanical standpoint while tried to hide my giddiness.  I loved it and I wanted it, I NEEDED THIS ONE!  Patrick comes to me and says, Jamie, did you see the hail damage, and I was like, “yeah, it is fine, it is not that bad”!  All those heart eyes fogged my vision a little, I really did not notice the full amount of hail damage…but regardless I had to have it……can you believe we now have TWO campers.  We are beyond excited about future!

Beanies and Hot Chocolate

Posted by Jamie O'gorman

Dear Summer, we love your sun and fun, making memories with the kiddos over summer break and the bright blue skies but, we are OVER your steamy temps.  Bring on the cold fronts, sweaters, flannels, booties and PUMPKIN flavored everything!!  Here is a little throw-back photo of me at one of our winter events with record low temps – brrrr. BLOG 6