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Book Our Vintage Photo Campers for Your Next Special Event

Posted by Mauricio Gonzalez

We Turn Four Year’s Old!

As our first blog of the New Year I just want to take a moment and express my gratitude. This crazy dream of ours to create a unique photo booth experience for all of you has been such an amazing journey. Can you believe in just a couple months, our business will be four years old! FOUR YEARS OLD! As we reflect on last year and make goals and plans for this year, we are filled with so much love, joy and gratitude. We have so much fun planning for your events and creating a fun-loving environment for you and your families and friends. The laughs, the giggles, the quirky camper comments, we truly treasure them. So, I want to let you know, from the bottom of our hearts we THANK YOU, we APPRECIATE YOU, and we truly wish you a wonderful New Year – I can already tell, 2020 is going to be an amazing year!


GingerSnap Photo Camper!

Hello friends! Jamie here! 2020 here you are, ready or not, and we could not be more thrilled! We are having the best time reflecting on 2019 and creating goals and dreams for GingerSnap Photo Camper in 2020 and beyond. It is safe to say that our little company, which started as a dream and Houston’s first photo camper has had a fast paced 2019 and exceeded our expectations. And, as most of you know, or have figured I am a dreamer, I love to create, dream and plan, in big ways! And 2020 is no different. I have some lofty goals for GingerSnap Photo Camper and I sure cannot wait to see them come to fruition!


2019 Highlights at GingerSnap Photo Camper

Here are a few highlights of 2019


In 2020

Throughout this year, we honestly have learned so much and value each and everyone of you tremendously. Our teams, our family, especially my husband and children, all have supported our dream and passion and we are eternally thankful. We are so excited about 2020 and look forward to working with you and creating adventures of a lifetime.

Photo Camper at The Butler’s Courtyard Wedding

Posted by Mauricio Gonzalez


GingerSnap Photo Camper at The Butler’s Courtyard Wedding


Hey Texas, FALL has arrived!

Our lovely couple, who truly are the sweetest, most loving, kind hearted duo, were blessed with the first official cold front of fall.  Texas temps went from low 90’s to temps in mid 50’s overnight and a beautiful crisp air filled the evening sky.  Guests enjoyed an outdoor reception with clear skies, stunning design elements and of course, Brenden and Paula.


The Bride & Groom

We first met Brenden and Paula at Butler’s Courtyard’s summer open house event in League City, TX.  Brenden and Paula fell in love with our photo camper on site.  A favorite memory of the day was them running around the venue with Brenden’s mom on FaceTime.  You could feel the excitement and joy as Brenden and Paula decided upon GingerSnap Photo Camper.  From the moment they saw Sugar, they recognized it was a must…they just had to get mom on board.  Of course mom approved!
Butler’s Courtyard is an incredible venue located in the heart of League City.  Photo Campers are set-up under a covered reception area just off the ceremony site and in perfect proximity to the dance floor and reception tables.  Guests enjoy taking photos and creating memories within our photo campers as they mix and mingle with family and friends.


Houston Wedding Vendors

Brenden and Paula secured some of our favorite wedding vendors for their celebration, including Event Smith Productions (formerly J&D Productions), MAD Productions, Cakes by Jula and of course the Butler’s Courtyard staff.  Amber, co-owner of Butler’s courtyard, was onsite and she is a blast.

Fall Weddings in Texas

Brenden and Paula’s event captured a true fall wedding, full of beautiful florals highlighted with deep reds, dusty mauve and lush greenery.  Sticking with their style and feel of the wedding the couple opted for our rose gold backdrop and burgundy personalized photo strips.  Guests relished photos with friends and family.  As our attendant secured photos within our gorgeous, linen bound guest book, guests were encouraged to write well wishes for the bride and groom as they get to take home the guest book and immediately enjoy images from their perfect night.  Brenden and Paula sent their guests off with perfectly roasted hazelnut surrounded with smooth chocolate filling and a crisp wafer and wrapped in a gold foil, Ferrero Rocher, a scrumption ending to a perfect night. 
These two have an amazing future ahead, filled with love and adventure!  Texas, stay chill!

The Purchase – GingerSnap Photo Camper Part 2

Posted by Mauricio Gonzalez

The Purchase – GingerSnap Photo Camper Part 2

With an address, a few photos of a listed camper, dreams and ambitions led up a few hours north on a search for the perfect camper.  The trip conversations…at least the ones I was awake for, lol…consisted mostly about the design and vibe of what we were hoping to create and of course the name, we had to come up with a fun, catchy name for our company.

The Purchase - GingerSnap Photo Camper Part 2

I remember distinctively, just before we got to the location, Patrick looked at me and said, try not to fall in love at first sight.  He said this for two reasons, on the drive up we found another vintage camper about 45 minutes from this one that we scheduled to meet the following day, just to decide which would be best for our project.  And second, for the sheer fact that after ten years of marriage he knew I was going to fall head over heels without thinking it through.  I agreed, I needed to think rationally, it was important!  But guess what guys, I did just what he said not to do…I fell in love.  I fell in love with the camper, I fell in love with the sellers, and it was just perfect.  Patrick may have pulled me aside as we were looking it over and said, “You see all the hail damage right?”  I may have not heard him through all my giddiness and glee.  He says I heard him and responded with, “yes, it’s fine, it is only in the back.”  So, we made the deal.  We put our money down and made arrangements to pick it up the next morning, since it was so late already.

Picking Up The Photo Camper

We went to dinner at a nearby restaurant then found a local hotel to crash for the night.  It was like Christmas Eve and I was an 8 year old little girls dreaming of what was to come in the morning.  My brain was active all night long, I was sketching and designing and looking for style ideas on Pinterest so I had very little sleep.  When the alarm sounded in the morning, I was raring to go!  Patrick on the other hand not so pumped, he likes to sleep in while I am an early chipper riser.  I bribed him with breakfast and he obliged.  Side note, Patrick things the Pancake House, which was right outside our hotel, serves the best pancakes ever!

The Purchase - GingerSnap Photo Camper Part 2 Patrick O'Gorman

After eating we headed straight to pick up our girl, our camper.  Patrick again, mentioned something about the hail damage, still I must have not heard him or chose not to hear him.  We finalized the deal, hooked up and decided it would be best to replace the tires for the long haul home, so we headed to an open tire shop nearby.  When we arrived to the tire shop, I got out to get a once over of our beauty and that’s when I saw it…there was SOOOO much hail damage.  I thought to myself, why didn’t Patrick tell me it was this bad.  I didn’t notice ALLLLLLL of this last night or even this morning!    Patrick was not all that interested in hearing my regret and my worries but was very interested in saying, “Jamie, I told you, I showed you!”  Whatever, no he did not!
He promised it would be all good, that he had a plan and that he wouldn’t have purchased something he did not think he could work with.  But guys, it was so bad, like cottage cheese bad.  I relaxed a for the moment and began my hunt for a name and a logo design, the fun stuff. 

The Pattison House Wedding in Pattison Texas for Diana and Gary

Posted by Jamie O'gorman

The Pattison House Wedding in Pattison Texas for Diana and Gary

Bridal Extravaganza

Celebrating Diana and Gary was an absolute joy. We met Diana and her girls at the Bridal Extravaganza in January of 2019 when she fell in love with Sugar, our second photo camper. The Bridal Extravaganza is a huge event that takes place at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston twice a year, in January and then again in July. Hundreds of bridal vendors gather to showcase their products and brides are able to experience firsthand all the “wedding feels.”

The Pattison House Wedding

Diana and Gary set their date for July 20, 2019 and chose the lovely The Pattison House in Pattison, TX to begin their forever. When we arrived at The Pattison house we knew it was special. The original house is over 100 years old and you can immediately feel the heart and soul of the property. The venue owner’s poured love and sweat into creating such a special place. The Pattison House boasts a bridal suite within the original home, water tower, ceremony barn, reception hall, grooms quarters, a modern “outhouse”, and several gathering areas including one with a massive fire pit and hearth. They have a private lake and a smaller venue onsite as well. Let’s not forget the iconic yellow vintage Chevrolet pick-up truck. I have been told that when a chill is in the air the owners pull out the blankets and fill them in the bed of the truck for guests to get cozy. The personal touches are endless. You really need to head over to The Pattison House and check out this diamond.

Sugar Photo Camper

Our photo camper fit in perfect to the vibe and feel of The Pattison House. Their wine barrels framed the photo camper wonderfully. We set up in one of the many gathering spaces under several 100 year old + oak trees and guests truly enjoyed laughs and giggles under the huge oak trees. Our photo camper supplied fun props and our signature Corinthians backdrop for the special event. The guest book was full of photo strips and sweet well wishes for the couple. And since we have AC in our photo campers, it was a favorite spot with Diana, the bride. Her and her family/friends cooled off inside and enjoyed session after session!

As the time passed and the day turned to night, the sky transformed into a beautiful water color sunset with gorgeous pink, blue and purple tones. The kind of sky that stops you in your tracks and reminds you to thank the Lord for your blessings. The shade and the breeze along with the beautiful cotton candy skies was one for the books, you just cannot get that everywhere!

The event wrapped up with a sparkler exit under the stars and a stunning get-a-way in an incredibly refurbished white vintage limo. Diana and Gary are officially married and beyond happy to begin their forever and we truly appreciate begin a part of their forever!

The Pattison House in Pattison, TX

Photographer:Joanney Rigdon Photography

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