GingerSnap Photo Camper and Photo Booth Posing Guide

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February 12, 2020
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April 29, 2020

A Posing Guide by Photo Booth Experts

So, you are at an event, a wedding, a birthday party, corporate event, etc. and you notice, there in the corner, or out in the yard, is a photo booth or photo camper and you think to yourself, “YES! that is SO happening!” I mean, what better way to capture some laughs and make some memories! You grab a friend, or two, or three and drag them over for a quick round of creative expression!
Now what?

How to pose?

What type of pose are you doing to do to reflect how your feeling in the moment? Are you going to grab a prop, maybe some oversized lips or a mustache? Or are you going for the paddle sign saying, “Here for the beer”? And then, most importantly, what are you going to do with the props? How are you going to pose?

Here are a few ideas to make you session EXTRA.

For the couples: For those who are madly in love.

  • Blowing Kisses: Kissy lips and palms up, blowing sweet kisses to you one and only
  • Surprised Kiss: As one leans in for a sweet kiss on the cheek, the other forms a sassy, sweet and surprised face.
  • Will you marry me?: The reenactment of your proposal.
  • The tie grab and pull: Pull him in toward you for a sizzling kiss.
  • Smooch-a-roo: A good ole’fashioned kiss on the lips (hold it, hold it).
  • All about the bling: Engaged or newly married couples, show off that bling! Reach your hand toward the camera while sneaking a smooch.
  • We are all heart: The couples two hands meet in the middle to form the perfect heart.
  • Cheers to Us: The couple holds glasses up to one another and makes a promise of happiness!

Selfie Mode: You can photo booth alone, you do not always need a crowd – Do Your Thang!

  • Light it UP: So the lighting in photo booths can be amazing making you look absolutely flawless. So use this time to pucker those lips, bat those lashes and glam it up.
  • Same Ole Same Ole: The exact same pose and the same face in each and every frame! Totally reminds me of something Napoleon Dynomite would do! LOL
  • Going down?: The stairs or elevator pose, you know, the one where you make yourself look like you are moving down, down, down.
  • Peep Hole: Think Ace Venutura, Pet Detective and fill up the entire screen with your face, like you are looking through a peep hole.

All the lovely ladies: For the girl squad, the best friends, big groups or small…just all about the ladies.

  • Charlies Angels: You know this one, the one with the girls back to back, one a little lower than the others with finger guns pointing in the air. It is a tried and true classic.
  • Supermodel: Strike a pose, Vogue!
  • Girl Squad: Grab as many besties as your can, if you are celebrating someone make sure to include them (maybe place them front and center) and just squeeze in, the more the merrier.
  • Kiss the Bride: Bride is surrounded by loved ones kissing her cheeks, it is a super cute one!

A Posing Guide by Photo Booth Experts

Hey Boys, it’s your turn!:

  • All about the gun show: Flex yourself! Which direction is the beach?
  • Cheers: Toast it up with you best buds.
  • Rock out: Take advantage of the props and party on!

A Posing Guide by Photo Booth Experts

Photo Bomb:

I mean duh. Photo bombs have to be one of the most fun aspects of a photo booth, just pop right in when the group is least expecting it for a once in a lifetime reaction, a perfect memory maker!

A Posing Guide by Photo Booth Experts

Just in case you need a few more ideas…just try out some of your most favorite facial expressions!

  • Happy
  • Content
  • Sad
  • Annoyed
  • Surprised
  • Tongue Out
  • Tired
  • Are you kidding me?
  • Snob
  • Laughing
  • Winking
  • Duck Lips
  • Confused